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Namal Valley Mianwali,Pakistan
Namal Valley News :   ** Husn-E-Qiraat-o-Naat,Debate and Quiz Competition will be held in Govt High school Rikhi(Mianwali) on 24-04-2010(Saturday) with the sponsor of AKS WELFARE TRUST RIKHI Mianwali****Namal college offers Four-Years Undergraduate Courses: BSc Mobile Computing.BSc Internet Computing,BSc Computer Science,BEng Software Engineering***Namal College offers Three-Years Diploma Courses:Diploma in Higher Education in Network Administration (DipHE NA),Diploma in Higher Education in Software Development (DipHE SD),Diploma in Higher Education in Web Engineering (DipHE WE)

Namal Lake
This website is about Namal Valley located on eastern border of Mianwali district (Punjab) Pakistan. This area is located some 32 Km away from Mianwali. It is a beautiful picnic point.Namal Lake Namal Dam,Sulphur water Spring,Namal Gorge  and Namal College,Ziarat Hafiz Jee and Remains of the Raja Sirkupp Fort are the places of great concern.
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This Website is under construction yet. So you are welcome to share any information or photos on this site. Specially those people who belong to any village of this valley are requested to send me pictures or information that they have about their villages
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About Namal Valley
Namal is a combination of  two  Punjabi word "Na" means No  and "Mul" means price  so Namal means "The most valuable land"or "The land for which no one can pay the price".In Urdu it means "Anmool" This name was given by old residents of here.No doubt this area was Anmool as there were 120 wells of drinking water in the valley some hundered years ago.Our old town Namal was situated on the same place where Namal Lake exists now a days.It happend in 1913 when during British Rule the Namal Dam was constructed so the people of Namal left this area and some of them started living on western side of Namal Lake and others on eastern and sothern side.So new villages came into existance.
Namal Valley Google Earth View
I am specially thankful to Mr.Muhammad Iqbal(Canada) for his cooperation   regarding domain issue.
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Video  of Namal Valley
Husn-E-Qiraat-o-Naat,Debate and Quiz Competition will be held in Govt High school Rikhi(Mianwali) on 24th April 2010 (Saturday) with the sponsor of AKS WELFARE TRUST RIKHI Mianwali

Students of All Govt High schools of Namal Valley will participate in this grand event